Allyance Cares…Building Business by Giving Back

Quy “Q” Nguyen, CEO of Allyance Communications, Inc., understands true success is measured by giving back to the community. He goes beyond writing a check, serving on a board and attending dinners. Nguyen makes time to play an active role as a volunteer to make children laugh. 

At the Irvine Chamber’s Morning Buzz in August, Nguyen told guests how he has connected with notable business leaders who share a common interest to take their business success and invest it in Orange County’s charities. This philanthropic network has become a dynamic community that defines Nguyen’s model for conducting business and helping others.

“To truly make a difference in the community with your business, you need to have a sincere passion for a charity’s mission,” said Nguyen. “You have to begin with a sincere attitude and the simple intention of how I can help?” 

From this approach to networking, Nguyen pointed out to guests they are likely to find a wealth of reputable mentors and opportunities to build deep and lasting relationships.  Networking through charities offers meaningful connections with fellow professionals and business leaders who share a passion for a cause and display similar attributes of character. 

Allyance’s charitable arm, Allyance Cares, gives three percent of their clients’ monthly recurring charge to the charity of their choice. The Irvine-based company also supports more than a dozen local charities generally serving the needs of children.

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About Allyance Communications

Allyance Communications, Inc. is a provider of Cloud and Telecom consulting, procurement and managed services for data, hosting and voice solutions. Allyance helps businesses tackle the strategic, operational, support and cost-containment challenges surrounding their communications services. To learn more about Allyance, please visit


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